Activate your operational data

Trust your decisions
Harness the power of unified operational data to make informed daily decisions effortlessly with VZBL
Search across tools
One place to search across all of your tools.
Look inside everything from Slack messages to commit comments to AI-generated metadata.
Near instant results across millions of data points.
Search across all of your tools.
Query with natural language
Use plain language to find answers to complicated questions.
Search results find saved queries that match your question so you don't duplicate work.
Modify the query in the query builder to continue refining or if the result isn't quite right.
Robust data integration
Real-time system integration for instant access and analysis
Seamlessly connect with any tool across your software development life cycle
Automatically import data at set intervals from various systems, for comprehensive data
Interactive dashboards and visualizations
Explore data intuitively using a variety of visual tools including charts, graphs, and more
Interact with your data: pivot, drill down, and adjust views in real-time to discover key insights
Display data in real-time, updating visualizations instantly making timely decisions based on the latest information
Augmented analytics
Advanced classification using machine learning to precisely categorize and segment data
Enhanced metadata extraction from multiple sources to boost data context and relevance
Sentiment analysis to gauge emotions in text, revealing perceptions and responses
Comprehensive ontology framework
Unlock insights with the ontology model's entities and relationships from the first day
Enhance comprehension and data context from the structured entity framework
Visualize the team's processes and flow by connecting work from idea and execution, to delivery
Your data, your way
Personalize your dashboards with flexible cards, layouts, and settings to suit your needs
Save, tag, and organize your data for streamlined management
Flexible label system for teams, products, and initiatives
Data exploration
Built for exploration: dive in with just a click and navigate seamlessly without any roadblocks
Analyze deeply by filtering, aggregating, and measuring data at any stage
Connect people and technology using AI and natural language processing
The technology
Dynamic Ontology Model
Designed to adapt your unique business.
One truth, many tools
Your source of truth for your operational data.
Data integrations
Webhook or scheduled based integration across your end to end toolchain.
Your space, your data
Single tenancy for ultimate security
Scalable and Performant
Event based architecture in the cloud
Continuous Delivery
No downtime, improved fault tolerance