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New demands on engineering teams require new kinds of tools

Software engineering intelligence platforms are helping engineering teams improve operational efficiency by providing comprehensive, data-driven visibility into team activities, resource usage, and project progress.

“Reports that used to take hours now take me minutes with VZBL. But more importantly I can see stuff that I never had the ability to see before.”
Avatar of Brad Kingsbury
Eric Chan
Senior Engineering Mgr
“I believe in building teams that rely on individuals’ strengths and support them where they need help. VZBL let’s me see those things with incredible clarity.”
Avatar of Brad Kingsbury
Drew Harris
Senior Engineering  Mgr
Medefy Health
“Every engineering leader has always wanted to see everything that is going on, but never imagined that it was possible.”
Avatar of Brad Kingsbury
Brad Kingsbury
VP of Engineering
Symantec, Mcafee