The modern way to manage software engineering teams

Metrics are good. Visibility is better. VZBL helps you catch early signs of problems—like scope creep, blocked work, team overload, and more.

Ensuring your operations run smoothly and your team remains efficient.

Engineering teams need visibility to reach their full-potential

With visibility, you not only see what is happening, but you understand why. You can track metrics but then ask questions to uncover the reasons behind changes, giving you the insight you need to make informed decisions with confidence.
Without visibility into your teams' inner workings, throughput metrics like these offer only a superficial view of what’s really happening.
Answer any question

Make decisions with data, not anecdotes

Connect your data
Identify outliers
Take action
Collect data from your existing tools and harmonize it into a unified model.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the situation and act with confidence.
Process agnostic
Unify diverse processes into a semantic model unlocking accurate analysis at scale
Trace the flow of work
Link related tasks across systems, including chat and meetings for a comprehensive view
Full connectivity
Integrate with your favorite tools across all SDLC phases, from meetings to CI/CD
Augmented analytics
Enhance data with classification, sentiment analysis, topics, summarization, and process analysis

Catch setbacks before they grow into crises

Gain insight
Use advanced analytics to ask any question about everything.

So you can identify what's slowing you down, find where you’re blocked, or uncover who is overworked
Advanced querying
Analyze complex datasets with multi-faceted filters, aggregations, measures, search and more
Standard & custom metrics
Utilize standard metrics like cycle time, or configure your own to suit your needs
Customizable boards
Tailor visualizations, metrics, and markdown to your to specific needs and preferences
Interactive visualization
Explore inline or drill-down on charts, tables, maps, and more for endless discovery

End the search struggle; access information instantly

Search your data
Search translates to query
Results shaped
With search, find what you need across every system without the hassle of toggling between tools and tabs.

Saving you time and lowering your stress.
Natural language
Transform conversational language into a structured query
Search hints
Save time with hints like @ to find people and # to find entities
Event stream
Capture and process data in real-time, providing immediate access to the latest information
Find anything
Search across the entire SDLC including: meetings, topics, code, comments, people, and more

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Google Calendar
Microsoft Teams
Office Calendar
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