The data-driven path to a more productive engineering team.

Harness the power of advanced analytics to transform scattered data into actionable intelligence, elevating your engineering practices and driving better business outcomes.

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High-performing teams rely on better data to drive engineering excellence.

Look beyond the metric

Because all metrics can be gamed, we enable you to optimize for outcomes and look beyond the metric.

View data from any dimension. Spot trends, patterns, and outliers to identify the root cause affecting the outcome.

Measure the true cost of software  

Track investment allocation beyond issue tracking to include: meeting time, collaborative effort, refactoring activity, documentation, and more.

Ensuring investments and true cost of software are shared by all stakeholders.

Identify risks early and reduce failures

Look beyond lagging indicators like velocity and burn down charts. See unplanned work, tech debt, overburdened engineers, and more.

With VZBL,  gain a complete picture and identify risks early and address them before they become crises.

We know work doesn't happen in a silo

We know your work is connected, so should your data. With connected data and  analytics, you can improve 'how' work gets done.

Identify the meetings that impact productivity or checkbox style PR reviews. Take corrective action to improve or reduce process dead weight.

Burnout is more than workload

Team health is more than just measuring after hours activity. It is context switching, long spans of the boring work, heavy burden of bugs, etc... that lead to burnout.

With VZBL, gain a comprehensive view to see who is at risk, beyond team workload.

Choosing visibility is a no brainer

With high ROI and actionable insights visibility delivers impact for the entire business.

ROI in just 3 months

Saves 80% or more of the time spent on manual data collection and report generation.

30% gain in productivity

Improve productivity by 30% with process efficiency and reduced data analysis time.

2x faster time to insight

Quickly identify and address  risks, halving the time lost to scattered data, and lack of analytics.

Bridge the gap between data and action

The first engineering management platform that gives you complete access to your data.

Start building a data-driven culture

Help your people balance the needs of the team with the goals of the business using data instead of hunches.


Operational visibility gives CTOs a birds eye view and keeps them well-informed.

Team insights help leaders optimize resource allocation.

Real-time analytics and performance monitoring allows CTOs to drive continuous improvement.

Engineering Manager

Operational KPIs help managers track and improve efficiency.

Centralized data save managers time with both tracking and streamline reporting.

Operational visibility enables managers to identify overworked team members and manage team well-being.

Product Leader

End to end visibility enables faster decision making and quicker identification of risks.

‍Operational analytics unlocks deeper insights into customer themes, and enables more effective roadmap planning.

‍Operational visibility improves communication and alignment between engineering, product, and the company.


Analytics enables individuals to improve work patterns and guide personal development.

Comprehensive visibility into team dynamics improves team empathy and enhances effective collaboration.

‍Operational analytics enables members to monitor personal workload and encourages healthy work-life balance.

Key capabilities

VZBL activates your operational data, empowering you to find the answers you need.

Interactive Charts

Create and share custom charts, graphs, and tables from your data.

Customizable Reports

Design custom dashboards and reports tailored to your needs.

Analytics + Raw Data

Analyze complex data sets to raw data in one click for the full picture.

Analyze with AI

Chat with AI-agent to accelerate insight and explain data.

Pre-built + Custom Metrics

Select from 100+ existing metrics or create your own with ease.

Unified Search

Instant access with search across your data and tools in one place.

Advanced Query Engine

Construct BI-style queries for increased precision and insights.

Activity Feed

View activity in real-time. Stay informed and be more efficient.

Effortless setup, immediate results

Connect your data and start seeing results in minutes

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