Boost your Team’s Performance with Real-Time Analytics

Connect your tools, gain instant visibility, and make informed decisions with powerful analytics tailored for software engineering teams.
Easy to set up integrations

Achieve better results with end-to-end visibility

Before VZBL
Struggle with scattered data across different tools
Waste valuable time gathering the information you need
Challenged to draw meaningful insights from data
Make decisions based on assumptions and intuition
Time consuming effort on creating reports manually
After VZBL
Enjoy a comprehensive, unified view of all your operational data
Access vital data instantly for timely decision-making
Gain clear, actionable insights to improve team performance
Make confident, data-driven decisions
Spend more time on strategy, and less on reporting
Without visibility into your teams' inner workings, throughput metrics like these offer only a superficial view of what’s really happening.
Answer any question

Make decisions with a complete picture, not partial.

Connect your data
Identify outliers
Take action
Understand your operations comprehensively and act confidently.

Discover how our platform can transform your workflow.
Ontology Model
Unify diverse tools and processes into a single model for easy, precise, and scalable analysis.
Comprehensive flow of work
Connect tasks across systems, including chat and meetings, for a complete view of how work gets done.
Seamless Tool Integration
Integrate with your favorite tools across all SDLC phases, from meetings to CI/CD.
AI-Powered Insights
Utilize AI for data classification, trend analysis, outlier detection, and summarization for deeper, more actionable insights

Catch setbacks before they grow into crises

Gain insight
Ask any question about your data effortlessly.

Identify bottlenecks, find blocks, and uncover overworked team members with ease.
Powerful Querying
Analyze complex data with facets, filters, aggregations, and measures for full control.
Prebuilt + Custom Metrics
Utilize standard metrics like cycle time or configure your own to fit your unique needs.
Customizable boards
Tailor visualizations, metrics, and markdown to your to specific needs and preferences
Interactive visualization
Explore inline or drill-down on charts, tables, maps, and more for endless discovery

End the search struggle; access information instantly

Search your data
Search translates to query
Results shaped
Find what you need without toggling between tools and tabs.

Save time and reduce stress with our comprehensive search capabilities.
Conversational Search
Transform natural language queries into structured searches effortlessly, getting accurate results quickly.
Smart Search Hints
Save time with intuitive hints like @ to find people and # to find entities, making your search more efficient.
Real-Time Event Stream
Capture and process data in real-time, providing instant access to the latest information when you need it.
Comprehensive Search Coverage
Search across the entire SDLC, including meetings, topics, code, comments, people, and more. Find anything, anytime.

Effortless setup, immediate results

Connect your data and start seeing results in minutes

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